Google Education

A program designed to bring internet to schools in emerging countries.



Level the playing field in education around the globe through the power of the internet.



Education Go Digital

A Google programme designed to transform education for good on a global scale through the power of the internet. The Education Go Digital programme drives progress in developing educational communities around the world, helping schools and universities to connect and evolve through improved internet access, deployment of tools, support and training. 

The education ecosystem

The education ecosystem

The program brought together schools, tech business and government institutions to work together to improve learning capability and aid self-deployment of tools and system integrations. The simple online tool provided a tailored deployment package and local support for each region, making action easy. The design language told stories of success through connected societies, tools and relationships, displaying the positive effect of internet access. 


Mindanao State University 'Goes Google'

MSU-IIT Philippines have revolutionised teaching practices and the student-lecturer relationship within the school by implementing collaborative learning with Google Apps. In doing so, they've boosted the potential to learn and improved the influence of the school in the region.