British Gas


A new visual identity for the UK's biggest energy provider.


Simply Human

The new ‘Simply Human’ positioning brought with it the need to create a new visual identity to breathe new life into the brand. Every element had the opportunity to express the human-centric proposition aimed at simplifying the lives of the British Gas customer. This ranged from messaging and tone, typeface, imagery, livery, iconography, infographics and new graphic devices.


'A down to earth and pioneering voice'

The approach to imagery needed a fresh take on customer facing photography. Capturing the reality of customer lives in a positive, human style meant the inclusion of a dynamic graphic device, and art direction to capture trust in the British Gas service. The challenge for product photography was to make service driven products feel appealing. The idea lead to a bold art direction style that captured the energy of the products in surreal spaces. Using homely textures, energetic colours and lighting to emphasise the benefit of the products, transforming perceptions within the home.

The brand new custom typeface was essential to ensure the voice genuinely connected with the customer. Billing and account documentation is a key channel for the brand and one that needed a friendlier approach. Working closely with the team at Fontsmith we created a typeface that addressed this in a series of weights; BG Flame.