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The 'Draw The Crowds' social campaign helps publishers realise the magnitude of creating topical content to increase their own web traffic and improve advertising revenue for their business.


Draw the Crowds this summer

It makes sense to be topical so helping publishers realise the impact of global events encouraged understanding and inspired action. A series of statistics helped craft impactful messages and compelling visuals around popular event themes, under the core idea of drawing crowds to your content this summer.


Capturing the energy of global events

The visual style was created in collaboration with Tom Clohosy Cole to bring the idea to life in engaging visuals and intriguing, fun animation. As well as the social posts a toolkit of items were created including a series of AdSense blog posts, a Google Calendar of popular events and a downloadable guide for publishers to reference in the future.


Check out @AdSense on Twitter for more or view the AdSense blog.

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